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Side A:
Rug Burn Party
1.3MB mp3

American Lady
2.6MB mp3

Boy In A Balloon
1.2MB mp3

Side B:
2.0MB mp3

I Love Bread
1.0MB mp3

Don't Excarnate Your Kids
2.0MB mp3

Obviously, putrefaction is evil.

Making an annual musical recording without practice or pre-writing is not.

Thus spake The Monkey Power Trio and Zarathustra.

And yet the vultures continue to make their demands, asking for more and more food at their favorite restaurant, The Towers of Silence. And so, rock fan, we ask, who cares what the vultures want?

Side A of this year's record is an almost academic critique of modern American society: the debauchery of a 1970s Rug Burn Party is recreated in uncomfortable, carpet-level detail; the hip cuteness of the traditional American Lady is coldly debunked; and finally, we have the modern Icarus in song, a sonic recreation of the poor Boy in a Balloon sent into space by his insane fame-seeking father. The three universal themes of fame, women and parties are fully investigated.

Side B of this year's record is offered as a world civilizations course: how many of you dumbass listeners know what Chiasmus means, or how to use it cleverly in song, or how to incorporate trombone into a crappy DIY rock song? Sure, you all say, I Love Bread, but how many of you appreciate how hard our heads, teeth and saliva work to digest it? How many of you value all of the varieties (rye, wheat, and anything else)? It's almost like this shit is lost on most of you. So, finally, dear listener, the least we ask of you is Don't Excarnate Your Kids. Hold forth against time's call for defleshing; declaim loudly to the Towers of Silence, "No longer will we live in ignorance of the 2009 Monkey Power Trio record! No longer will we leave our children's bodies to the birds and the elements! We will listen, and be amazed, and stop caring what the vultures want!!"

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