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Side A:

Hit It With A Bible
2.4MB mp3

Juicy Peaches
2.1MB mp3

Side B:

2.9MB mp3

Buddha Sings
2.6MB mp3

In 2007, The Monkey Power Trio recorded deep in north Georgia's Chattahoochie forest, where the Toccoa River winds from Deep Hole to Sandy Bottoms and then heads on down to the great ocean, where, let's face it, we all head to in the end. But before your mortal remnants are carried away in some forlorn stream along with the plastic detritus of our modern world -- the toothbrushes, the umbrella handles, the beef jerky bags, the vinyl records -- just maybe there is enough time to listen to an aural slice of what it was like for five old friends to be alive and making music in those deep southern woods.

There was something about being surrounded by the backwoods gospel ghosts of old country music that led these five musicians to explore their confused and misunderstook relationship with everything holy and spiritual. There was time in their annual musical exploration to stop and taste the earthly delights of J. Alfred Prufrock's juicy peach, but there was also time to study world religions, from Buddha to the Bible, through hard rock melody and harmony. And, going even deeper into their shallow understanding of life, the band stands on the edge of Toccoa's cliffs and blinks into the fathomless abyss of mythical monsterhood.

In the end, the needle is stuck in a crackling groove, and our unused nurdles end up swirling in the Pacific gyre right along with our thoughtlessly used-up polymer shopping bags, neither floating nor sinking, breaking down in sunlight, swirling into the marine soup, and entering the food chain.

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