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Side A:

The Robot Woman Meets the Monster Man
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Butt Science
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Our newly released album is called "Hacking Through The Tentacles of Despair" and that is exactly what we have accomplished musically with this record. For the 2003 recording session, The Monkey Power Trio returned to Brooklyn, NYC - the birthplace of the MPT nine years ago. It took us nine years, but we broke down several barriers in the field of music this time - barriers that have stood for time immemorial. You could say that we are revolutionary pioneers, bettering society through our art. For one, we recorded some songs that have more than one vocal and musical part played over and over; we started and stopped the playing of musical instruments at the same time at the inception and conclusion of songs. This works toward bringing harmony and peace to the world. Also, we recorded some of the songs with a special guest who is a WOMAN. We have driven through the roadblock of gender segregation in rock 'n' roll, and therefore in the global community as a whole. Most importantly, we have included the hated and feared ukulele instrument on several of the songs, fostering an almost magical sense of inclusion and diversity.

"Hacking Through The Tentacles of Despair" has four songs on it.

The songs are jangly, poppy, discoey, and spacy, respectively. We might never craft songs this well again (and I say that as a participant in the yet-to-be released 2004 session). We hope that when you listen to the songs, they inspire you to break down barriers, hack through tentacles, and carry on our progressive work.

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