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August, 2007 - House of the Mechanical Sun review by Sleepi at No Eyed Bird.

Monkey Power Trio - 'House of The Mechanical Sun ' - 12-Inch - [Pocahontas Swamp Machine Recordings]

The misguided trio who is actually a 5-piece has done it again, but this time on 12 inches of fury. Monkey Power Trio gets together once a year and spends a few days writing and recording original songs. Their 2007 release 'House of the Mechanical Sun' is actually made up of 2 recording sessions from 2005 and 2006, which took place in Minneapolis and Oregon. They decided to ditch cover art and have commandeered old Beatles, Hitchcock and kids record jackets for the limited to 150 release I was fortunate to come across. As usual the bands songs are all a bit off and many from the Oregon session are accompanied by a fancy song flute. Their rap song 'Another Year' puts them in the indie Weird Al realm. 'Meaty Girls' may get a chuckle out of your gut but I still think NOFX did the fat girl praise better. I like Monkey Power Trio's more innocent songs, like 'Hop On The Monkey Bus'. Its like those Six Flags commercials where someone so stupid and creepy looking is dancing and flailing their arms so maniacally that you can't help but wanna join them. Tracks like 'Little Billy Oshin' just plain scare me. Do they have something against Billy Ocean? I wouldn't want that fuceker living in my foreskin! His 'Jewel of the Nile' soundtrack hits were enough for me. It's too bad this isn't a cd, since it flows well from start to finish. Perhaps all guilty pleasures include vinyl in some way shape or form. Oh yea, 'I live in the suburbs, I drive everywhere, my back always hurts and I'm losing all my hair' sounds like Happy Monkey Trio is content in Orwellian 1984.

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