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It's White Knuckle Sandwich!
Do you listen to NPR? If so, you might find these high-brow ukelele players to your liking.

DJ Babywipe - Beautiful music by a beautiful man. Hear the DJ babywipe remix of the MPTs unreleased hit song "Bed Bug". (5MB)

The MPT Underground - The underground is run by a group of our biggest fans. They track us down, get copies of our tapes from anonymous sources, take revealing photos, have fantasies about us. They love us. Hopefully, a sandal does break out (we need the publicity).

The Michigan Stick Trio -- We had a link to these guys, but they're site is now down and we're betting they're band is defunct. Remember, we are in it for the long run. They have dropped by the wayside.  This will happen along our road to greatness.  Many bands, even those with websites, will just drop off the map, as we continue to build and expand.  Michigan Stick Trio down, a million other bands to go, but go they will...

Jeff Kay's West Virginia Surf Report
This is a friend of Mark's who fancies himself quite clever. As he's in extremely poor health, you should visit him soon. - Louis is one of our more serious and dedicated reviewers and, quite understandably, he charges for his service. If you are a serious MPT fan, this is definitely worth the investment though. - Yes you have your favorite bands, but what does Cary think? Find out.

The Chubb Sessions Band - Years ago one of the founding members of the Chubb Sessions Band tried to start a band with some of the members of the MPT. His wife vetoed his participation in such a band and forced him to quit. Was this reminder of the harsh realities of chasing a crazy dream the motivation for the MPT to make its now infamous pact to be a band "til death do us part"? Not likely. Leon later dumped his wife and now covers up his pain performing funny songs with the Chubb Sessions Band.

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